There is a direct connection between relationships and learning. Students learn best when their classroom experience is built upon relationships of trust and respect. Teachers from preschool to high school know learning works this way, and we do too. Even the students who like school the least do the best when they have a connection with their teachers.

The correlation between relationships and learning holds true when a student learns martial arts. If there isn’t a connection between the instructor and student, learning still happens. But not to the same degree. However, when a sensei or instructor takes the time to build a relationship with his or her students, the learning accelerates, and students thrive.

At USA Seibukan, we take building relationships very seriously. In fact, we’ve built our program on relationships with our students, their families, and the community.

Here’s how we do it:

We Learn Names

To start, we learn and use the names of all of our students. When in doubt, we clarify pronunciation and nicknames, never assuming a name is said a certain way. Names are important and learning and using our students’ names honors the uniqueness in everyone. Using a student’s name correctly helps them feel heard and valued, which opens the door for trust and mutual respect.

We Know Learning Styles

Next, we take the time to teach to each student’s unique learning style. As we discussed in an earlier post, there are three main styles of learning, and everyone has their own preferred style. When we present information according to our students’ preferred learning style, it is much easier for them to learn. It also creates a safe learning environment where each student feels welcome and comfortable trying new skills. Students enjoy their classes with us, always returning with a smile because we’ve taken the time to know them and support their needs.

We Know Families

Additionally, we work with multiple generations of families, which deepens the relationship with have with them. Our early students are now adults who have children in our program, and these relationships are invaluable to us. They speak to the trust we’ve earned in our community and help us welcome more families to the benefits of martial arts.

We Know Our Community

Finally, we love and support our Columbus, OH and surrounding communities. One way we do that is by hosting events that keep the martial arts community in our state alive. Recently, we hosted the 2019 Columbus Karate Classic Championships where we were honored to see many of our students excel and have a wonderful time. Seeing our students thrive is one of the greatest joys we have. That’s why we’ve been building relationships and helping our students grow for the last 30 years.

If you would like to learn more about our school and how we change lives, join us for a free trial today.

Until next time,

Shihan Rodger Pyle