“Lilia came to the dojo because she was being bullied and wanted a way to defend herself. She was nervous to start but immediately began having fun and learning new skills. Lilia developed self-esteem and a sense of confidence that allows her to handle mean comments at school without becoming upset of engaged in conflict. Lilia no longer has trouble with bullies.”– Lilia

“Because karate provides a positive outlet for children with lots of energy, Dr. Yearington brought his sons to USA Seibukan after one of them was diagnosed with ADHD. The boys learned valuable skills, including self-discipline, which they then applied to life outside the dojo. Dr. Yearington noticed the boys have an increased sense of control, both with their body and their actions. Martial arts make a huge difference in his sons’ life.” – Dr. Chris Yearington

“When Heidi brought her son to USA Seibukan he was shy and awkward around adults. After taking classes and learning martial arts, he has a sense of self-respect and self-esteem that allows him to look adults in the eye and comfortably engage in conversations. This confidence shows itself in all interactions, including at school and with their extended family. Karate changed her son’s life for the better.”– Heidi Muncs

Challenge your limits

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