USA Seibukan is the respected authority on karate in the Columbus area. We use a structured program to teach skills that instill confidence, self-discipline, and respect to transform the lives of our students. We know that each student is a unique person, and we treat everyone with respect and understanding, regardless of their age or ability. Part of that respect comes through in our approach to teaching each student as an individual and meeting them where they are. We understand that not everyone has the same learning style or level of motivation. Therefore, we focus on each student’s individual needs. This allows us to help develop multiple ways of learning, the ability to find internal sources of motivation, and an opportunity to achieve great things.

We also recognize the value in self-confidence and self-esteem and have seen first-hand how Karate builds both in our students. When students work hard in class and develop their skills and abilities, they find self-assurance and a sense of capability that is usually not found in school or work. This confidence and self-efficacy have been shown time and again to prevent and protect against bullying and shaming. Simply put, Karate is the way to personal development and growth.



Shihan Rodger Pyle
Shihan Rodger Pyle
Sensei Tamara DeVoss
Sensei Tamara DeVoss
Sensei Joshua Boring
Sensei Joshua Boring

Shotokan Karate

We practice the Shotokan style because it suits us best. It is direct and to the point. The stances and techniques in the Shotokan style are big and deep which allows the movements to be powerful and strong. Shotokan’s founder Gichin Funakoshi believed that karate practice combined with the observance of certain principles would improve a person’s character. We agree.

The principles Funakoshi established are known as his Dojo Kun. They are :

  • Seek Perfection of Character
  • Protect the way of Truth
  • Foster the Spirit of Effort
  • Respect the principles of Etiquette and Respect Others
  • Refrain from Impetuous Courage Violent Behavior

For more reading on Gichin Funakosi and the Shotokan Style of Karate, Wikipedia is a good place to start.


Martial arts is a life-changing practice. It improves physical fitness, concentration, coordination, self-esteem, social skills, and respect for yourself and others. It also provides a means of self-defense and is a lot of fun. This is just a short summary of benefits, but you can read more on our Benefits of Martial Arts Practice and Training.

No! We have classes for students at all levels and teach each student as an individual, meeting them where they are.
Our Little Dragons Program is perfect for pre-school and kindergarten age children. Classes are only 30-minutes long, but they teach foundational skills that develop hand-eye coordination, concentration, self-esteem, self-control, and social skills.
Yes! Martial Arts is perfect for building skills as you learn, Meaning, each class will help you become a little more coordinated and physically active, and soon you’ll be surprised by how good you feel and how much you’ve learned.
Definitely. When students build their skills and abilities, they find self-assurance and capability they can’t get in school alone. Our structured and supportive environment reinforce a sense of belonging to something important. Karate builds self-esteem that will be the foundation for the rest of their life.
Yes. Absolutely. Martial arts give children self-esteem and a sense of capability that will diffuse a bully’s verbal jab. Martial arts also provide a method of self-defense that neutralizes physical aggression. In our experience, we rarely see bullies target children who practice martial arts because those children have confidence and self-esteem that is not easy to shake.
Not at all. Martial arts are exceptionally disciplined and emphasize responsibility and peaceful, non-violent means of resolving conflicts. We teach students to stop and take a minute to think before reacting. We also instill a deep sense of etiquette and respect for self and others in our students.
Like all great skills, dedication does not come naturally. It must be taught and developed. Therefore, we recommend younger children (age 3- 7 years) come twice a week and older children (8+ years) come three times a week. But what is most important is that students stay with a consistent class schedule. So, let’s work together to build your child’s character for the future.
Martial arts is a great physical activity that helps children become stronger, flexible, and more coordinated. Since most children love coming to class, martial arts provides the perfect way to keep children and active.
Wear something comfortable that is easy to move in. Gym shorts usually work well, jeans usually do not.
Students can start any day during a regularly scheduled class.

We are in the Grandview and Upper Arlington area not far from The Ohio State University. Our address is 1589 West 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212.

Our curriculum is Karate based but we sometimes practice other martial arts to have fun and change thing up.

We practice the Shotokan style of karate. To read more about this world-recognized style, see our information on Shotokan.

We are members of USA Karate – the Olympic committee’s officially recognized the world-recognized governing body of sports karate in the United States.

Take advantage of our free introductory offer and come to any of our regularly scheduled classes. Please arrive ten minutes before the class is scheduled to begin. This will give you some time to complete the necessary paperwork (release form) and get comfortable. If the student is under 18 years old, a release form must be completed by a custodial parent or guardian.

Challenge your limits

If you’re interested in experiencing these benefits for yourself or your child, join us for a free class.